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Brands using the web faced numerous issues with the potential offered by the web during its inception in the late eighties mainly unrealized. This continued until graphical, user-friendly web browsers were developed, enabling the dot-com boom around the Millenium. The subsequent disruption of the web brought about web 2.0, leading to centralized platforms like Google, Facebook, and Apple, simplifying how brands and consumers interact via social media advertisement.
This leads to this point where brands have maneuvered the constraint of web 2.0 and formulated how best to work around it to thrive. However, this position is bring threatened by web 3.0, bringing a foreseeable disruption. Interestingly, brands are loathing web 2.0 due to some controversy.
A direct relationship between brands and consumers is the primary promise of web 3.0 However, just as many brands missed the opportunity at the inception of web 1.0, they may miss out on web 3.0 if they are not brave enough to try the new technology.
Researching on the psychology of why people purchase and the impact of social and content on psychology is enormous. But one thing standouts –companies that pitch through information are at advantage.
"Marketing is education, and education is marketing"; this is our foundation as we learn from our Gen Z & Gen Alpha.
At its core, web3 is about education. So Why Aren’t More Businesses Educating?

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