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Vision and Values

Our Vision

Engage students to learn on the hottest game platforms, free for all, winning the hearts of students and parents alike, embracing MetaHug screen time as valuable, and from that creating real-time intelligence for brands and schools.

Our Values

We are Compassionate

We treat everyone we encounter with compassion, seeing the humanity behind every person's problems and experiences.

We are Equal Opportunity

We offer scholarships and overly stress everything possible to be made free to all that want access, charging the brands instead of the students or parents. Developed Country School Systems' purchasing power helps us gift the developing countries the curriculum free.

Edtech should be free

We look forward to growing enough to be sustainable without charging the students or parents.

We are Mindful

We honor everyone's space and focus on their attention. We adopt mindful working & learning practices to create safe spaces for everyone.

We live with Integrity

Our word is our bond. We honor the agreement, apologize, and find ways to repair relationships and bonds when we cause harm; we hold ourselves and one another accountable.

We Voice

We adopt the radical view that the voice of the youth can change the world. We value and uplift the students’ voices and empower students to take charge of their learning and explore the topics they love. We honor informal education – we learn together, improve together, and push ourselves and one another to be greater. We believe in student-led education.

We Listen

We learn alongside our students and learn from them. We collaborate with our students to create solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems. We invest in the genius of youth. We believe in peer-to-peer, self-led, self-taught education.