Problem 6: Loyalty/Incentives
Problem 6: Loyalty/Incentives
Interoperability in loyalty point systems and incentive mechanisms across game engines.
Market Size:
The global loyalty program is a large market valued at $181B in 2019; it is expected to reach $195B in 2022 at a CAGR of 4%.
Solution TBD on the timeline:
MetaHug world is about learning, which is rewarded with metahugs that can be redeemed for Robux (Roblox currency). Other prizes are special editions that only the most engaged learners giving away metahugs will be able to access in the final 7th stage of engagement to beat the game.
Initially, the focus is on bringing brands into the metahug world with the cross-promotion of branded worlds in phase 2. In the real world, people can give metahugs (points) to people they want to see do well. Metahug tokens are social hug credits that all brands can use across the ecosystem. For instance, a community across multiple participating brands can bond together with ten learners to give air Jordan shoes to a kid in the hospital that always dreamed of having a pair.
Earn your learning metahug quota in each game; then, you’re allowed to give a metahug NFT badge to others as a gift or for a limited time, reminding others to play it forward. For instance, Lian Pham is a saint in real life, constantly giving to all selflessly, which is likely not to change in the game. This data will be reflected in the feedback loop, balancing the jungle of love, as one might say, keeping the food chain of love balanced. So, we understand how to give in a healthy community environment truly.
Phase 2 is giving metahugs across game engines, with the badges being interoperable NFTs and branded social tokens rewarding those who share a hug which cultivates friendship, thereby growing the community. The Metahug DAO community on discord is the glue that manually connects and makes all the gaming platforms interoperable with one simple gesture. Everyone needs a friend; everyone needs a hug.
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