Problem 4: Education before Sales is Marketing

Problem 4: Marketing
4A Agency Automated: Marketing departments need a plug-and-play solution to create stickier brand engagement for their community while simultaneously communicating and giving genuine value in a win-win R&D data feedback loop that benefits the kids and the brand. 4B Phase Two Tools: No social media-like dashboard platforms can manage all gaming/metaverse platforms around education, especially brand education. Tools for education are needed to make the metaverse and gaming worlds accessible for brands, like a social media intern posting on Twitter and Instagram via Hub Spot.
Market size:
The market size of the gamification market was $6.33B in 2019; it is expected to be $37B by 2027, with a CAGR of 24.8%.
Solution Q1 2023:
Marketing should be education, and education should be marketing. Gamified experiences are the future of engagement; with mobile gaming democratizing play and disrupting many industries, this is the time for brands to leverage gaming as their future of marketing. Gamified Education is a concept of the Play2learn brand, providing leverage for brands to gamify education and teach audiences their business models, values, and products for better customer decisions.
With education as step 1 before sales as step 2, prospective customers will know about a brand's values, products, and services and build trust and engagement before they feel pressured to buy. Instead of buying from a pressured standpoint, consumers think they are empowering others by sharing their learning experiences. This results in a sale because it fills a void based on their education in step 1. If you're a brand selling coconut water, the focus of education could be on the benefits of electrolytes, and in the game, electrolytes make you run faster or kick harder. Therefore kids start their biohacking journey by telling their parents they need electrolytes. A loyal fanbase is much easier to build if they know their needs are weighed long-term with yours, making it a win-win. Making it a win for the kids, parents, and brands is the beauty of the gamified education model; everyone wins by learning.
The best products educate customers, so step 1 education cement the product as a need instead of a desire based on what is best for the customer. Our platform gives brands easy access to the market through virtual product launches, gamification of media moments, and behind-the-scenes. Our plug-and-play model educates consumers about the brand and creates brand awareness and visibility. As alternatives to brands creating infographics, e-books, blogs, and podcasts, we help brands develop games around their marketing for customers to be better informed. In turn, brands get more visibility, and customers get stickier clarity for better-informed decisions within the community, which is also a part of the game.
Gamified Education is available for all brands across all verticals, including Web3, Fintech, Health, Media, and others. Play2learn gamified education bridges gamification and education with neuroscience in mind. This aligns brands with synergizing values – to achieve values through games and education to make it a win-win between brands, schools, parents, and children.