Problem 3: Roblox plug & play solution for brands by kids

Problem 3: Building for Gen Z & Gen Alpha
Brands hire expensive agencies full of adults to build gamified experiences for kids when kids should be creating experiences for other kids. Brands risk significant dollars if the game fails, even with a correct concept but wrong execution. Many brands have great experiences on Roblox from an adult point-of-view, but what does the child think? There isn't one branded game that kids go to sleep playing and wake up earlier before school to join their friends in a game; no brand has created a community of players in Roblox yet like bloxburg, where kids actively build and hang out together. However, brands are striving to use Roblox with 50 million users; it is an exciting journey worth trying. But how and where is an excellent place to start is a problem for brands trying to leverage this new frontier.
Market size:
Roblox has 50 million daily active users worldwide. An increase from 19.1 million daily active users by the end of 2019. Roblox has created over 20 million gaming experiences since 2008
Solutions Q1 2023:
MetaHug Dao is a cost-effective solution to launch your brand on Roblox in a turn-key approach as a kid’s creative agency and development shop with a SaaS model that creates experiences and games for brands in the MetaHug Roblox World. This Roblox world has the adult supervision of Play2Learn. Roblox is the first integration, but Minecraft, Fortnite, Decentraland, and Sandbox are next.
It is time-consuming for brands to build, so that is why they hire an agency, but adults telling kids what they want is outdated; a plug & play solution for brands to have brand notoriety in Roblox built by kids for kids is a new model we have proven. It is much easier to speak with the target demographic and current user base to build a game by rethinking what is possible and tackling the problem with fresh eyes and unbiased young minds. This will save time with fewer iterations since the target demo creates the R&D feedback loop.