Problem 1: Learning Paradigm Shift is Gamified Education

Problem 1: Learning Paradigm Shift
Learning hasn’t been updated for ages. Some say economies are won or lost by the growth of education. If this is true, why hasn’t the world focused more on learning?
Market size:
Edtech is valued at $100B to triple in 7 years with a more robust market size, depending on what is included. Education is a $1.2T market in 2022 to double by 2028 to $ 2.8 T. The total education market size, combined with the training expenditure, is poised to reach $10T by 2030.
Solution Q4 2022 ongoing:
The learning paradigm shift is perfectly positioned with web3, game mechanics, incentive models & social tokens, progressing as the physical & nonphysical world merges into the phygital metaverse marketing craze. The new Play2Learn industry will unleash value for every individual, business, government, and community. It will unite brands, schools, parents, and kids to organize a game plan to augment a greater tomorrow for all. Moreso, it will give to the next generation, creating a win-win bottom line that underwrites equal opportunity education for the masses.
Innovation has transformed data intake from generation to generation, from radio to TV, TV to Internet, Internet to Gaming, and Gaming to Metaverse. Kids extract real-world education by learning applicable skills invariably needed that might not be on the agenda in the classroom but are crucial as an entrepreneur or an employee—game theory exploration in full throttle. Play2Learn looks forward to exploring new ways to generate a win-win-win scenario for parents-kids-brands.