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Our Strategy

Our Approach
Play2learn is a brand with a touchdown approach for progressive decentralization focusing on companies to create strategic goals for better products and services. Alongside MetaHugs, play2learn gamifies education. Additionally, Play2learn is designed by kids for kids as the future of education; it encourages all brands to join hands and encourages education for kids from 4-25. The three core aspects of play2learn, together with MetaHugs, include Learn, Play, and Earn. •
Learn (how?): learners are kids between the ages of 4-25. They learn how to create games and learn web3 mechanics.
Here, parents and mentors guide and support the kids through the stage of learning.
Play (what?): this is for brands to underwrite educational campaigns for their audience, which are converted to games and videos. The games and videos boost brands’ engagement through web2 and web3 platforms and teach your business and values to the targeted audience. Educating the audience builds the know-like-trust factor for your business and helps brands' engagement and sales.
Earn (where?): this is for brands and learners. Brands provide incentives in the form of NFTs, points, and social tokens for customers that pass a particular milestone of the brand's education, engage in the brand’s community, or buy certain products and get NFTs in return. Also, learners can earn when they give feedback, participate in R&D, or give metahugs.
Our Target Audience
As we grow in technological advancement, we owe it to our Gen Z and Gen Alpha to prepare them to thrive in the future. 2.5 million Alphas are born every week, which is expected to reach 2 billion people by 2025, according to research. The Majority of the workforce will consist of Gen Z and Gen Alpha.
Gen Z is 14-25 years
Gen Alpha is 4-13 years
These are the current members of the MetaHug DAO, which we will explain in detail in the next section.

How we execute

Create Virtual Influencer

Knowing more about your learners provides stellar learner experience and helps engage them effectively. We create band persona avatars that help you create content that is relevant and useful to them.
We customize your brand ID to reflect the game in a way that motivates the users to feel inspired to learn more and feel connected to the brand.

We set clear learning goals.

With clear learning goals, learners do better when they know their learning objectives. Setting and communicating clear learning goals in a simplified language they can relate to is one of the vital learner engagement strategies for capturing an audience’s attention right from the start.
We create baseline objectives that are collectively a win-win for the learners and brands.

We create creative course content.

Boredom is a catalyst to disengage learners. Prevent learners from losing interest in a course through active engagement strategies. Deliver learning content that is creative and fun to interact with. Just remember that fun is a means to an end, not the end goal itself.
Our format is layering this content into the games. Our design keeps learners coming back for more.
Combine creative learning material with microlearning principles to deliver the essential content upfront.

Reward learners for engagement

We have seven levels of engagements correlated to 7 skills they need to master, which we measure and track. The learners earn tokens and special skins through the ranks; this is shown on the leaderboards and badges they earn in the game; it is a simple but effective way to incorporate reward cycles into learning experiences.

We make learning convenient.

Convenience is no longer just a nice-to-have. Today, keeping learners engaged and motivated is a necessity. A quality learning experience is one of the essential tools for creating courses that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
Content delivery option
Gaming platforms have higher engagement than social media sites. Roblox is the first platform we target, with 50 million daily active users. Minecraft, Fortnite, and others are the next target since gaming platforms' engagement is at the highest level. Incentives are foundational for content delivery to be meaningful, bearing in mind that incentives won't have a monetary value but in-kind products from brands that significantly impact their lives. For example, ten learners collectively pooled points together to gift (pay it forward) their friend with cancer Air Jordan shoes the child always wanted.