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Our Story

We ask ourselves: what's the future of education for kids and the next generations in the ever-changing world? How can education build inclusiveness and equal opportunities in Blockchain, AI, Big data, and other emerging technologies? Beyond technologies, we want happier people and society; how do we use education as leverage? Lastly, what's the long-term feasibility of an organization that focuses on children but is incapacitated with funds? These questions give birth to Play2learn and MetaHugs.
Our story begins with understanding where our kids are and what we envision them as, including ways to change their lives. Play2learn is a centralized, B2 B-focused entity revolutionizing education with MetaHugs, a decentralized, B2C platform, gamifying education for kids and their parents. Or journey embodies the future of brands and individuals by boosting brand awareness and engagement and increasing revenue shares through the power of play. P ay2learn exists on three core fundamentals — Play, Learn, and Earn. The Learn involves gaining education on the hottest topics in the world, then playing those learning experiences on the hottest game platforms, and earning NFTs and social tokens from the games to incentivize kids.
Talk is cheap, they say. We revolutionize learning by roleplaying our lives, altering our poor state and routines with the new 'US.' We subconsciously enact neuroplasticity — forming new permanent habits to help us transform a condition, such as drug dealing, sex trafficking, or anything worse through roleplaying. It's easier for a kid to change a routine than a 30-year-old. But with roleplaying, forming new habits is easier. For instance, you can start your journey to be a tennis star by roleplaying in games being a tennis star, even if you've never even swung a tennis racket before in your life.
Our platform provides learning focused on role-playing— a child, knowing he has the potential to be a tennis star no matter where he is born, will understand what it means to learn the craft. Therefore, our motivation is helping people, going back to identification, owning your life, owning your data, owning your assets, and your identity. So, Play2learn is changing the paradigm, starting with kids, and eventually, life will be gamified for everyone. We're starting with younger people, the largest gaming demographic needed to reach flow state learning. This is what Play2learn stands for, which correlates well with Metahug.