Our Story
Children of your own?
It is taken to another level when you have your kids; regardless of how they became yours, responsibility for a life or lives takes your adult mindset to another paradigm. Through the challenges, you push through as a plane flies through a thunderstorm looking for clear skies. My two little ones came in two different ways, but with the same amount of love and hugs. Parenthood is sacred, and the relationship with your children shows how universal cycles are created and destroyed. I begin to realize how the world works, and my emotions become a tumultuous ordeal. I want to be able to provide security and inspiration for them going forward.
My two have been brought up, unlike me and past generations. I am a working single mom and can't stop fighting screen time; therefore, it is crucial to utilize technology to my advantage. I also challenge myself to alter the current mindset of how we perceive the world and the problems we aim to solve. I do hear negative commentary about being antisocial. Who's to say public speaking classes or a class about being a better friend can't happen on zoom? Some prefer to gradually learn at their own pace. The metaverse will not be wrong if we focus on rebuilding and unlearning key metrics. These key metrics are what we will discover together on our gamified learning journey collectively.
The first constant we know is that the world embraces a hug – a universal connection, whether online or offline, rich or poor, black or white, young or old.
Humanity is the foundation for learning: Metahug.
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