Learning as a commodity leveraged in a financial model

Play2learn Investment

Play2learn is a base layer for all future learning to be built on, incentivizing ed-tech companies, public or private schools, and the government to facilitate learning partially from the Play2Learn intelligence dashboard. Like a layer one blockchain or web2 platform, Play2Learn, like other unicorns, is built to be the foundation with many businesses built on top. This learning ecosystem acts as the next-generation grant system to reward learning for the learner and institution. Our investment aspect is how brands can contribute to students' future and gamified education by investing in the lessons the learners create to sell in the marketplace. Investing helps kids generate more value for the community.
Play2learn also promotes the future of the next generations through our incubator and accelerator programs built on top of our platform to support early-stage business ideas and startups from kids of 4 to 25 to success and profitability. The lesson that was originally a yoga class could turn into a full-scale business. As incubators and accelerators for kids’ programs are built on top of the platform, mentorship, a collaborative community, and networking opportunities with potential funding avenues will be the natural progression of the platform. Our goal is to welcome brands with similar visions of helping the next generation succeed to provide startup capital and networking opportunities for kids’ startups. We aim to see brands and foundations willing to fund $1 million and above for kids' programs join our community. Financial models will allow your money to be locked and make 8% interest while helping educate the world by digging a well and providing clean water. We will give you the region you're impacting to the students you're sponsoring.